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About Us

  • Mojo II: Providing you with the Finest Egyptian Jewelries

    Are you looking for the best supplier of Egyptian jewelry in the market? Do not make things any difficult for you. Instead of looking any further, you might want to consider Mojo II. With our extensive experience in the business of making fine-crafted jewelries inspired Egyptian zodiac gods and goddesses and other Egyptian traditions, we were able to make an unrivaled name. We are the preferred choice of many of our customers not only because of the products we offer, but also because of the exemplary customer service we can provide. Give us a try, and you will surely understand the good words shared by our past clients.

    Extensive Selection of Jewelry

    If there is one thing we are most proud of our business, it will be the presence of an extensive selection of sterling silver jewelry. You will know this once you visit our website, which will introduce you to the wide array of designs we have crafted for our clients. Whether it is a ring, necklace, pendant or other types of jewelries you want, you will surely find one from our store. You can spend the whole day just browsing through our designs and compare one with the other. Take your time. We are not rushing you to make a decision. We know how hard it is to make a choice when almost all of the choices you are confronted with appear to be excellent. You can always buy more than one if you have to. It will be our pleasure.

    Customized Design

    Being created an managed by jewelry enthusiasts, we at Mojo II are also aware of how some people would prefer to have designs tailor-fitted for their personal preferences. With this, we are proud to say we also make customized items, such as Egyptian hieroglyphics name cartouches. Our customized necklaces and bracelets made from sterling silver will surely be a good gift for anyone you love. Even if they are customized, we make sure they are still made available at a reasonable price tag.
    Shopping Made Easy

    Many of our customers loved us because we make their lives convenient in ways more than one. If you need to buy Egyptian jewelry, whether it is for you or as a gift for someone else, there is no need to go to the mall. Just visit our website, and we have an online shopping feature. Select the item you choose, settle the payment, and wait until the product is delivered right in front of your footsteps. We are also proud to say that we have never heard complaints from our customers with regards to payment and shipping issues. We guarantee you peace of mind, excellent customer service and nothing but the finest Egyptian jewelry.