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Egyptian Silver Chaos God Seth (Set),PendantEgyptian Silver Chaos God Seth (Set),Pendant

Egyptian Silver Chaos God Seth (Set),Pendant

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MaterialSterling Silver
SizeH: 1 1/4 inch W: 5/8 inch
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The God of Chaos

Dates: May 28 - Jun 18, Sep 28 - Oct 2
Colors: turquoise (male), black (female)
Compatible Signs: Geb, The Nile
He is the god of the chaos, storms, war and disorder. People born under this Egyptian zodiac sign are very ambitious and inventive. They make good fortune-tellers but they have to keep their temper under control. They are not too much interested in the past, which makes life quite easy. Seth´s people are rebels, they don´t like limitations.

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